Key Value Propositions

We enhance the blockchain and Web3 sectors with a robust suite of services.

Global Brand Platform

Since 2018, Korea Blockchain Week (KBW) has emerged as a leading global hub for blockchain and Web3, continuously driving innovation and setting industry standards.

Strong Community Relations

As the KBW organizer, our deep integration within the blockchain community strengthens our network and enriches our collaborations.

Robust Networks

Our extensive connections across media, projects, and businesses from Web2 to Web3 enable us to offer services efficiently and maintain leadership in the industry.

Professional Expertise

Our expert team spans multiple sectors, ensuring every service is delivered with excellence and informed by deep industry knowledge.

Web3 Online Platform

Set for release in late 2024, Fablo will expand our services and empower community members to contribute actively to ecosystem growth.

Our Network

Participating Companies
Participating Companies
Media Companies